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Your Halifax Roofing Company

At Refined Roofing, we are a family owned, customer focused Halifax roofing company that offers tailored roofing solutions to meet any of our customers’ home improvement needs. We go above and beyond expectations to give you and your family a perfect home. It is important to us to provide all our customers with a high level of  workmanship that is done properly, on budget, and on time. Located centrally in the city, we are a Halifax roofing company that can perform emergency jobs right downtown, and also full roofing jobs in the more rural areas of the HRM. We are fully insured and safety certified Halifax roofers, so you know your property will be protected throughout the entire roofing process – many Halifax roofing companies don’t bother and will leave home owners high and dry when things start to go wrong. Our commitment to quality and customer service is what separates us from other Halifax roofing companies. Learn more about Refined Roofing and our work philosophies, or check out some of our previous Projects and Client Testimonials.

refined roofing - a Halifax roofing company

Your Halifax roofers! We are a locally owned and operated company that has a strong interest in developing a strong and lasting economy here in Halifax and the surrounding communities. Over the years, the reputation of roofers in Nova Scotia had declined due to the lack of quality workmanship, inferior materials, and fly-by-night companies. Here at Refined Roofing, it is our goal to revitalize the Halifax roofing industry and provide the highest quality service and products for our customers.

At no cost to you, arrange a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable specialists at your convenience. They will perform a thorough inspection of your roofing system and investigate any current or potential issues that may bring harm to your home or business. Our specialist will provide a detailed report that will include photos, descriptions of current & potential problems, recommendations and approximate costs. Ask about our regular shingles, luxury shingles, and metal roofing options and we can give you a detailed quote for each.
Safety is our utmost priority at Refined Roofing because roofing can be very dangerous work if the proper safety precautions are not in place. All of our employees have their required safety training certificates and are fully covered by the workers compensation board. We will not let our workers on the job site until one of our foreman with first aid training has arrived, we also do thorough job site checks every morning to ensure workplace conditions haven’t changed and to identify any potential hazards to our workers, sub-contractors, and most importantly, our clients. Refined Roofing is fully insured. Your house and property are protected throughout the entire duration of the roofing process.
Refined Roofing prides itself on offering the latest and greatest that the roofing industry has to offer. We feel that being such a young company is an advantage – much of our competition still use archaic and inefficient materials/methods for installing roofs. By choosing Refined Roofing for you next project, you can be assured that the process and materials will be of the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing.
residential roofing in Halifax

Residential Roofing

Regardless of size, Refined Roofing covers all Halifax roof replacements. We pledge to provide a service that will work efficiently and effectively, to finish on time and on budget.

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commercial spray foam roofing Halifax

Commercial Roofing

Spray foam roofing systems provide low maintenance costs, long service life, decreased energy bills, and is the only flat roofing system that will pay for itself.

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roof repair

Roof Repair & Maintenance

For you to be reading this now, we assume you are having a problem with your current roof. Let Refined Roofing be your roofing solution!

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snow removal

Snow Removal

When winter strikes in Nova Scotia, Refined Roofing offers residential snow removal services – flat and seasonal rates available.

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What People Think About Our Services

My brother hired Refined Roofing to do his roof and he was very satisfied with the workmanship and how well they handled the entire process. After hiring them to do my roof, I can see why he recommended them!
Mark Blanchard, Windsor, NS
The guys at Refined Roofing really did a great job. They did what they said and left my house spotless!
Trevor Heartland, Mt. Denson, NS
The guys at refined roofing did everything they said they would and left me a happy customer!
Mic Murray, Windsor, NS
After having my new house done by Refined Roofing, I recommend that my in-laws get them do to their house as well. Both of us now have a new roof from Refined Roofing and are confident we made the right roofing choice! They were even able to fix a longtime leaking skylight, that other roofers could not!
Brad Glac, Uniacke, NS
A+, Great company, Great work, Great Quality. Their were no hidden fees. I had a roof that was very difficult to do and I was very satisfied in how they did it!
Matt Regan, Windsor, NS
The guys from Refined Roofing did a great job on our roof! They were all polite, friendly and hard working. Our roof is a tricky one and they did a great job! Very happy with them and would recommend them to everyone.
R.J. Spinney, Windsor, NS
Was very happy with the work that the guys at Refined Roofing did. They were very quick to respond to me and they gave me a very reasonable price. My roof looks great and I enjoyed having them around.
Ian Gillis, Halifax, NS