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Ease Your Mind With A Roofing Service That's Refined!

Looking for professional roofing advice? 

Refined Roofing is a family owned, customer focused company. We provide the Annapolis Valley and the Halifax Regional Municipality with reliable and affordable roofing solutions. We specialize in residential, commercial, new and re-roofing projects. We also provide you with repairs, ventilation upgrades, gutter cleaning, and roof snow removal services. We are the first and only company on the mainland of Nova Scotia to offer roof cleaning solutions! whether your project is large or small, we have the experience and equipment to service all of your needs. It is important for us to provide all our customers with a high level of workmanship that is done properly the first time – on budget and on time. To ensure this, we stay familiar with the industry’s best practices and building permit requirements here in Nova Scotia. Our commitment to quality and customer service is what separates us from other companies, and when you hire us for any of your roofing needs, our friendly and knowledgeable staff In Halifax and the Annapolis Valley will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Halifax roofing

Free No Obligation Estimates!

Arrange a consultation with one of our friendly roofing specialists at a time of your convenience!

  • We are a locally owned and operated company that has a strong interest in developing a strong and lasting economy here in Halifax the and surrounding communities. Over the years, the reputation of roofers in Nova Scotia had declined due to the lack of quality workmanship, inferior materials, and fly-by-night companies. Here at Refined Roofing, it is our goal to revitalize the roofing industry and provide the highest quality service and products for our customers. 
  • At no cost to you, arrange a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable specialists at your convenience. They will perform a thorough inspection of your roofing system and investigate any current or potential issues that may bring harm to your home or business. Our specialist will provide a detailed report that will include photos, descriptions of current & potential problems, recommendations and approximate costs.
  • Arrange a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable specialists at your convenience and we will meet you at your home or business. Our typical procedure goes as follows: briefly discuss the current condition of your roof, conduct a thorough inspection of the roof and identify any potential problems, choose the roofing materials that most directly meet your needs both in price and style, and you will then be given a written or electronic quote which includes procedure and breakdown of costs.
  • Refined Roofing prides its self on a commitment to customer service.  This is why we feel it is important to provide people of Halifax and the Annapolis Valley with reliable service no matter the day of the week or time of day.  Don’t risk your own personal safety by going up on a roof during the night or during unfavorable weather.  Call us right away no matter what your roofing emergency may be.

Residential Roofing

Are you a Homeowner?

Regardless of size, Refined Roofing covers all residential re-roofing and new roofing projects. We pledge to provide a service that will work efficiently and effectively, to finish on time and budget, with minimal disruption to your home life.

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Commercial Roofing

Are you a Contractor?

Refined Roofing uses the latest in shingle designs to maximize the value of your investment. If you care about protecting your properties or business, start with a proper roofing system!

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Are You In Need Of A Repair?

For you to be reading this now, we assume you are having a problem with your current roof. Let Refined Roofing be your roofing repair solution!

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From The Blog

  • My brother hired Refined Roofing to do his roof and he was very satisfied with the workmanship and how well they handled the entire process. After hiring them to do my roof, I can see why he recommended them!
    customer photo

    Mark Blanchard, Ellershouse, NS

  • The guys at Refined Roofing really did a great job. They did what they said and left my house spotless!
    customer photo

    Trevor Heartland, Mt. Denson, NS

  • the guys at refined roofing did everything they said they would and left me a happy customer!
    customer photo

    Mic Murray, Windsor, NS

  • After having my new house done by Refined Roofing, I recommend that my in-laws get them do to their house as well. Both of us now have a new roof from Refined Roofing and are confident we made the right roofing choice! They were even able to fix a longtime leaking skylight, that other roofers could not!
    customer photo

    Brad Glac, Uniacke, NS

  • My wife and I were very satisfied with their work and suggestion. They worked with a high degree of professionalism, by answering all questions that we had and coming on time. The price was fair and Ian and his crew made my roof look great! I recommended Refined roofing to my neighbors and they also got their roof done by them.
    customer photo

    Godfrey Kenny, Falmouth, NS

  • A+, Great company, Great work, Great Quality. Their were no hidden fees. I had a roof that was very difficult to do and I was very satisfied in how they did it!
    customer photo

    Mat Regan, Hantsport, NS

  • The guys from Refined Roofing did a great job on our roof! They were all polite, friendly and hard working. Our roof is a tricky one and they did a great job! Very happy with them and would recommend them to everyone.
    customer photo

    R.J Spinny, Windsor, NS

  • Was very happy with the work that the guys at Refined Roofing did. They were very quick to respond to me and they gave me a very reasonable price. My roof looks great and I enjoyed having them around.
    customer photo

    Ian Gillis, Halifax, NS

  • Our experience with Refined Roofing was positive right from the beginning. Ian showed up for our initial appointment to assess the job right on time. He was thorough in his explanation of what would be done (including the installation of a new peak vent) and was sensitive to our concern for a minor leak that had prompted the call to Refined Roofing. Ian’s estimate of when he and his team would be able to begin was not far off and justified by the weather. They did a professional job and we love the look of the new roofing. When complete, his team did a careful and thorough cleanup. To our amazement, even some tulips, immediately below where the old shingles were thrown off the roof, survived.
    customer photo

    Randall Brooks, Windsor NS